SMART Series SMP3000 Central Vacuum


This central vacuum unit has a built-in LCD display that always tracks your systems performance and tells you when you need to empty out your dirt tank. The Smart SMP3000 delivers high-efficiency filtration and worry-free performance.

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Smart central vacuum systems have been designed to offer highly effective cleaning performance. They are the built-in cleaning solution giving you an easier, more enjoyable cleaning experience with the benefits of a healthier home.

High suction power removal of all dirt, dust, and debris to the dirt canister that is located away from living areas.
Ultra-quiet operation so that cleaning does not disrupt other activities in the home.
Easy and lightweight to maneuver around the home and up and down the stairs.
Most Smart central vacuums are hybrid units which means they can be used with or without a disposable dust bag.

Air Flow: 125CFM
AirWatts: 680 AW
Motor Type: By-Pass
Sound Level: 76 dBA
Voltage Rating: 120 VDust Capacity: 26.5 litres
Filtration Type: Self-Cleaning filter with Gore®
Technology: LCD Screen
Weight 18.1437 kg
Dimensions 35.6 × 106.7 cm
Warranty*: 7 years / 1 year labour
Water Lift Suction: 135 ” of H2O
Motor Type: One By-Pass


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