Stain-X Hi-Foam Carpet Shampoo – 24 oz


STAIN-X Hi-Foam Carpet Shampoo provides a rich, thick foam that releases soil from carpet fibers and traps it for quick, easy removal.

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The Original Stain-X Hi-Foam shampoo is a biodegradable, non-enzymatic, non-flammable advanced foaming action carpet shampoo that provides a deep and thorough cleaning, while resisting resoiling and leaving no residue. Our highly concentrated formula uses fewer chemicals which is better for your carpet and the environment. It can be used with all dry foam and rotary type cleaning machine systems. Fresh scent. Contains no enzymes. Carpet safe pH fornula. Environmentally friendly mix. No other cleaning products needed. Dries quickly, completely and leaves no residue. 24 ounce bottle.


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