Tristar EXL Vacuum Complete – Refurbished 3 year warranty


Tristar Vacuums is one of the best vacuums made and very popular. We stand behind them as a quality vacuum as they have been making them since about 1946.

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The design from 1946 to 1998 was similar in design with improvements on all the models. These models were made largely of metal and are sometimes referred to as “Compacts” The last model made like these is the DXL model made from 1993 to 1998. This model is where we start today and is still one of our best sellers. Tristar vacuums have several advantages. Their vacuums were designed so that as the bag filled with dirt the air flow would not decrease (take that James Dyson). They are known for high powered air flow (essential for deep cleaning) and they are a quality-made vacuum that lasts for decades. It is very common to see a 30-year old Tristar working perfectly. They also have excellent filtration for allergies.


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