Vacuum Specialists CLASSY Air Central Vacuum Accessory Kit


Vacuum Specialists “CLASSY” High Grade, Central Vacuum 24V Air Hose, Premium Accessory Set. Compatible With Beam, Electrolux, Vacuflo, Canavac, Kenmore, DuoVac, Hoover and More

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If you are you looking for a value hose and tools kit for your vacuum, this is perfect for you! The Vacuum Specialists CLASSY Air Central Vacuum Accessory Kit includes a plug and use hose, as well as a horsehair metal elbow floor tool that won’t damage your wood floor and tiles. Ideal as a second accessory hose kit for the basement or garage.
This package does not include an electric powerhead nor an electric hose. The hose has no electrical cord to power an electric motor powerhead. The air-driven turbine carpet brush that’s included, runs on the suction of your central vacuum only.


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Our friendly specialists could address you to choose a RIGHT central vacuum and parts according to your cleaning needs.
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The 8-pieces package includes:

30′, 35′,40′ or 50′ Gas Pump Handle Low Voltage Central Vacuum Hose
12″ Floor Brush
Dusting Brush
Upholstery Brush
Crevice Tool
Telescopic Wand
Clip-On Tube Tool Hanger
Metal Hose Hanger


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