Vacuum Specialists General Purpose Spotter- 1L


This product is a unique blend of water soluble solvents ad neutralizers designed to dissolve and remove a broad range of both oil and water based stains.

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This product will often emulsify oil,grease,fat and tar.
Product has properties that enable it to remove coffee,food and other organic stains.
The spotter contains a neutralizer that remove iodine stains quickly and completely.
It has a neutral pH and is safe to use on stain resistant carpets.

Directions to Use:
Vacuum carpet thoroughly.
Remove all loose soil and scrape away encrusted material with a blunt scraper.
Apply spotter at full stretch.
Do not use excessive amounts of spotter.
Several small treatments are better than one excessive treatment.
It is important to allow sufficient time ( 5- 10 minutes) as the per-spotter requires time to work.


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