Vacuum Specialists Liquid Air Fresh I Lemon-4L


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Product Description
This product is a liquid deodorant designed to eliminate organic odours instantly.
Highly concentrated ,pleasantly perfumed product.
Recommended for us on carpets,garbage receptacles,toilets,washrooms,automatic scrubbers.
Used as a general indoor air freshener.

Directions to use
Carpets : Squirt a few drops on the source of the of odour, its is effective when used in hot water extractors as an additive to the diluted detergent solution.
Garbage Receptables & Dumps: use 50 ml per litre ( 8 oz/gal) of coldwater. Spray solution on the source of the problem to destroy odours.
Automatic Scrubbers & Mop Buckets: Use 25ml per litre ( 4 oz/gal) of rinse water.
Room Deodorizing: Use 25ml per litre ( 4 oz/gal) of water and spray in the air.
Hospitals & Nursing Homes: When used in hospitals and nursing homes on items such as bedpans,urinals,portable toilets,lockers,diaper pails etc . squirt a few drops on the source.


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