Vapore D50 Steam Cleaner

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Product Description

  • As opposed to a regular steam cleaner or steam machine, the VAPORE line utilizes dry vapor technology with a humidity level between 4 and 6%
  • The residential ecological vapor cleaner Vapore D50 guarantees accurate and hygienic cleaning of any surface
  • The vapor not only dissolves dirt and grime, but is scientifically certified to disinfect any surface, thoroughly eliminating bacteria and viruses in an ecological way without use of chemicals
  • Equipped with a cold water reservoir, the Vapore D50 has a continuous fill feature which allows you to refill the system with water at any time, without stoppins
  • Including a wide variety of accessories, the residential ecological vapor cleaner Vapore D50 allows for easier cleaning of floors, walls, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and much more
  • Windows, mirrors and glass surfaces are especially easier to clean with the use of the included squeegee attachment
  • With its detachable hose, the Vapore D50 also gives you the possibility to use the optional iron (sold seperately), transforming your cleaning system into a central pressing station


Key Features


Feature Description
Boiler type Stainless steel
Boiler volume 1.5 L
Continuous fill Yes (1.5 L reservoir)
Vacuum option No
Pressure (at the exit) 4.5 bar (67.5 psi)
Temperature (in boiler) 155°C
Temperature (at the exit) 120°C
Working time Unlimited
Regulator Yes
Low water indicator light Yes
Ready indicator light Yes
Hose length 7′
Vaporizer attachment Yes (optional)
Iron attachment Yes (optional)
Power cable length 13′ (4 m)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 13″ x 19″ x 1312
Weight 18 lbs / 8 kg
Max power 1500W
Amps 13 A
Warranty (parts and labour) 1 year (machine)/3 years (boiler)


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