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Dupray - CARMEN SUPER INOX™ Steam Extractor
Dupray - CARMEN SUPER INOX™ Steam Extractor
Dupray - CARMEN SUPER INOX™ Steam Extractor
Dupray - CARMEN SUPER INOX™ Steam Extractor
Dupray - CARMEN SUPER INOX™ Steam Extractor Dupray - CARMEN SUPER INOX™ Steam Extractor Dupray - CARMEN SUPER INOX™ Steam Extractor

Dupray - CARMEN SUPER INOX™ Steam Extractor

$4,617.00 CAD $5,714.50 CAD

The quintessential commercial steam extractor.

Get a deeper clean with a commercial steam cleaner with detergent injection and a built-in wet/dry vacuum. Whether you select the 120 V base model or the superior 220 V version which produces 2.5 times the amount of steam and has 20% more vacuum suction, both units offer complete performance and versatility. The Carmen Super Inox™ steam extractor is perfect for the most stubborn cleaning situations such as car detailing, gum removal, grout cleaning or kitchen degreasing. Featuring continuous refill technology, adjustable steam pressures of up to 7 bar/105 psi and temperatures of up to 356ºF/180ºC, this professional steam cleaner makes the perfect business partner.

Clean anything, anywhere, faster.

Designed and built in Italy using only the finest European components, the Carmen Super Inox™ is reinforced with a fully stainless steel casing and vacuum canister. Engineered with an integrated wet vacuum and built-in cart, this powerful, portable steam vacuum cleaner is ready to work whenever you are with non-stop features to get you through the day with ease. Upholstery extraction, automotive cleaning, rug cleaning, RV detailing or any other heavy-duty applications are only some examples of the infinite possibilities for this best-selling steam cleaner.

The most complete steam vacuum accessory kit.

The Dupray Carmen Super Inox™ comes packed with a 34-piece heavy-duty steam vacuum cleaning kit, complete with a full set of long-lasting detailing brushes. Each tool has been built using heat-resistant, high-quality plastic exclusive to the Carmen Super Inox™.

Reliable technologies for maximum steam cleaning productivity.

The Carmen Super Inox™ is Dupray’s most advanced steam extractor, offering exceptional cleaning power. Backed by a solid 3-year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on the boiler and casing, the Carmen™ is engineered for 24/7 work. Discover why Dupray is the most trusted name in the industry.

CST™ Continuous Steam Technology

Featuring a dual tank design, the Carmen Super Inox™ steam cleaner allows the user to refill the machine with water at any time, resulting in continuous operation and no downtime.


Superheated Dry Vapor


The perfect dry steam is achieved by the combning precise temperatures at the right pressure. The heavy-duty stainless steel boiler is pressurized at up to 105 psi / 7 bar and superheats the water to 356°F / 180°C to produce dry vapor steam. This steam only has 5% water content and is nature's most efficient method of cleaning and disinfecting without the use of chemicals.

Self-Cleaning Boiler System

Dupray’s commercial line of steam cleaners are built with patented fully encapsulated heating elements. The elements expand and contract during the machine’s heating cycles to prevent the accumulation of mineral deposits. The electromagnetic float is continuously oscillating to remove any mineral or scale build up. These two technologies together mean that the only maintenance required is a simple boiler drain after every 50 hours of use.

Replaceable Heating Elements

The Carmen Super Inox™ was designed with a long-lasting heating element that can be easily replaced many years down the road with a new inexpensive one.

TIG-Welded Stainless Steel Boiler

The Carmen Super Inox™’s boiler is made out of high-grade AISI 304 stainless steel and assembled with TIG welds for increased strength. The boiler is built past the requirements to ensure that it will never break, hence the lifetime warranty on the boiler itself.

Pure Bacterial Disinfection

Sanitize anything, anywhere using only regular tap water. Disinfection is made easy with the Dupray Carmen Super Inox™ Steam Extractor’s powerful jet of dry vapor steam reaching temperatures up to 320°F / 160°C, instantly killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. The complete cleaning kit provides easy-to-use tools for sanitizing almost anything including floors, countertops, toys, beds, furniture, bathrooms, and anywhere else in your house. The Carmen Super Inox™ is the best way to keep your household clean and germ-free.

Perfect Level Control

Steam cleaners with Dupray’s CST™ have a patented electromagnetic float which is continuously monitoring the water and steam level inside the boiler to ensure the perfect balance, resulting in a consistent dry steam jet.

ActiveSafe™ Technology

Dupray offers the safest steam cleaners on the market. ActiveSafe™ technology is the combination of a variety of safety features including a low water warning, thermal overload, two pressure relief valves, an electromagnetic float, and an auto shut-off.

Automatic Shut-Off

The built-in Perfect Level Control and CST™ technologies prevent the boiler from ever being heated without water. This protects the steam cleaner from running dry, so you never have to worry about damaging your equipment.


What’s in the Box?

  • Microfiber Pad

    Microfiber Pad

    One washable ultra-thick microfiber pad, designed to fit the SteamMop™.

  • Nylon 6cm Brush

    Nylon 6cm Brush

    Ideal for light duty work, nylon won't scratch most surfaces.

  • Microfiber cloth

    Microfiber cloth

    Ultra-plush and versatile microfiber cloth.

  • Steam Cleaning Plunger Tool

    Steam Cleaning Plunger Tool

    Unclog your drains without making a mess with this useful kitchen or bathroom tool.

  • Small Nylon Brush (3)

    Small Nylon Brush (3)

    For medium duty work requiring precise detail and the most popular option for grout cleaning. (Pack of 3)

  • Small Brass Brushes (3)

    Small Brass Brushes (3)

    For medium duty work requiring precise detail and the most popular option for grout cleaning. (Pack of 3)

  • Small Stainless Steel Brushes (3)

    Small Stainless Steel Brushes (3)

    For hard work requiring strong brush and the most popular option for heavy degreasing. (Pack of 3)

  • Steel Wool

    Steel Wool

    The perfect finishing touch when you need an extra abrasive action

  • Threaded Triangular Nylon Brush

    Threaded Triangular Nylon Brush

    This nylon brush can deep clean any delicate surfaces.

  • Stainless Steel Gum Removal Brush

    Stainless Steel Gum Removal Brush

    For heavy-duty work or steam gum removal. Threaded to fit the steam vacuum gum tool.

  • Steam Scraper

    Steam Scraper

    Easily remove adhesives, stickers, wallpapers, vinyls or any unwanted stubborn dirt with this plastic scrapper blade.

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    Dupray Duffle Accessory Bag

    Dupray Duffle Accessory Bag

    Keep your accessories all in one place with this convenient large heavy-duty duffle bag.

  • Steam Vacuum Extension Tube (2)

    Steam Vacuum Extension Tube (2)

    20"/51cm long tube designed to extend your reach without losing steam pressure.

  • Steam Vacuum Gum Removal Tool

    Steam Vacuum Gum Removal Tool

    Dislodge and vacuum up to 700 pieces of chewing gum per hour with this quality accessory.

  • Steam Vacuum Window Tool

    Steam Vacuum Window Tool

    Professional-grade window tool with vacuum capabilities. 8"/20cm wide.

  • Steam Vacuum Suction Lance

    Steam Vacuum Suction Lance

    This upholstery lance is used for upholstery cleaning and furniture cleaning.

  • Steam Vacuum Brush/Squeegee Insert

    Steam Vacuum Brush/Squeegee Insert

    To be used with the suction lance and the suction nozzle. Conveniently features a brush and a squeegee side.

  • Steam Vacuum Suction Nozzle

    Steam Vacuum Suction Nozzle

    To be used with the suction lance for upholstery cleaning.

  • Steam Vacuum Rectangular Tool

    Steam Vacuum Rectangular Tool

    Great to clean any floor surface, from hardwood to porous ceramics.

  • Steam Vacuum Bristle Upholstery Tool

    Steam Vacuum Bristle Upholstery Tool

    Great for car detailing and carpet cleaning. 6"/ 15cm wide.

  • Steam Vacuum Carpet Insert

    Steam Vacuum Carpet Insert

    For Floor Tool. Glides over carpets and other delicate surfaces that require extra care.

  • Steam Vacuum Squeegee Insert

    Steam Vacuum Squeegee Insert

    Double squeegee insert for the floor tool.

  • Steam Vacuum Brush Insert

    Steam Vacuum Brush Insert

    Steam Vacuum double brush insert for the floor tool.

  • Steam Vacuum Lance

    Steam Vacuum Lance

    Ideal for cleaning applications requiring precision and intensity, the steam vacuum lance can be used with detailing brushes.

  • Steam Vacuum Connector

    Steam Vacuum Connector

    This connector allows the floor and window tools to either connect to the the extension tubes or the hose.

  • Steam Vacuum Hose 4m

    Steam Vacuum Hose 4m

    Steam pressure controls, on/off vacuum switch and detergent injection button. Total length: 13ft/4m.

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    BIOVAP® All Purpose Cleaner

    BIOVAP® All Purpose Cleaner

    Super concentrated, biodegradable detergent, safe for your steam cleaner. Makes up to 4.75 gal. / 18 L.