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4 Items You Need to Avoid When Vacuuming

September 10th, 2019


You might discover that your vacuum can pick up just about anything, and while this is true, there are some items you should avoid.

1. Fireplace Ash

Running your vacuum over fireplace ash is not the best idea. The ash is so fine that it could be picked up and blown right back out of your vacuum cleaner again. These particles released back into the air can cause you to keep cleaning and cleaning without results. You can develop sinus problems from the ash in your home resulting in flu-like symptoms. Avoid disastrous ashy air and use a hand-held sweeper to do the job instead.

2. Coins

Though it may seem like common sense, you have no idea what people will try to pick up with a vacuum, especially with a little alcohol in their system. You might have a few glasses of wine and think, “I can pick up this extra change with my vacuum”. Stop! This is a bad idea that you will regret when your vacuum clogs or gets destroyed. Small objects such as coins can break into pieces, wreck the motor of the vacuum, or cut the bag. You will find yourself without the extra change you now need to purchase a new vacuum. Keep a clear head and really think, do you want to vacuum up those coins? Put them in your pocket instead!

3. Large Pieces of Glass

Oh No! You broke your favourite drinking glass and now have a mess to contend with. You grab your vacuum out of the closet to suck up the large pieces of glass strewn all over the floor. Using your vacuum for this job can ruin the inside of the machine. The shards can get stuck and cut through vital parts of your vacuum cleaner. Instead, consider picking up the bigger pieces of glass with gloves or sweep it away with your duster. Avoid making your messy situation even messier.

4. Liquids

Did you feel an electric shock from your vacuum? You may have thought it was a good idea to run over the spilled liquid in your kitchen with the vacuum cleaner. This action is dangerous because the motor reacts with the liquid and could end up giving you an electric shock or damaging your machine. Use a mop to avoid shocking results!

When vacuuming your floors, make sure you avoid these items that could damage your vacuum cleaner or injure you. Vacuum Specialists want you to be able to clean your space risk-free.

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