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Close up woman vacuum cleaning carpet - Vacuum Specialists
Vacuum Repair Tips: Can Your Central Vacuum Be Repaired?

A central vacuum is a convenient and valuable addition to your home. They’re easy to use - simply plug the hose into an inlet and get to work. They are...

Woman cleaning the carpet with vacuum cleaner - Vacuum Specialists
3 Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Vacuum

In our homes, there is no cleaning tool more utilized than the mighty vacuum cleaner. In fact, the global vacuum cleaner market size was valued at US 11.47 billion in...

Miele Vacuum Cleaner - Vacuum Specialists
Looking For A Miele Vacuum Cleaner? Here’s A Helpful Guide

The Miele brand of vacuum cleaners has become a leading name in the industry with top-quality German engineering. Known for their power, durability, maneuverability, and quality, Miele vacuums can handle...

Hard Floor Cleaning - Vacuum Specialists
7 Benefits Of Installing A BEAM Central Vacuum System In Your Home

The BEAM Central Vacuum System is one of the most advanced built-in central vacuum systems available. With no tangled-up cords or a heavy unit to carry around, this innovative system...

Vacuum Repairs & Servicing in Calgary

Nothing does a better job of keeping your living space clean and tidy than your vacuum. It is a highly valued tool for the upkeep of your home, consequently, regular...

Happy Holidays From Vacuum Specialists

From all of us here at the Vacuum Specialists, we would like to wish you a festive holiday season and happy new year! We appreciate you for choosing us and...

Vacuum cleaning
Surprising Cleaning Tips: 5 Things You Should Never Vacuum

A clean and tidy home makes for a welcoming experience whether you’re having guests over, or whether you’re coming home from work and looking forward to unwinding for the evening....

iRobot Automated Vacuum
The Future of Domestic Cleaning: 10 Reasons You Should Consider the iRobot Automated Vacuum

As technology continues to advance, different types of units and contraptions frequently flood the market. And one of the latest of these state-of-the-art devices is the iRobot automated vacuum. You’ve...

Vacuuming Hacks - Vacuum Specialists Calgary
5 Simple Vacuuming Hacks To Complete Household Chores Quicker

When it comes to household chores, most would agree that they’d want to get it done quicker and more efficiently. People are constantly coming up with tips, tricks, and hacks...

How Often You Should Really Be Vacuuming Your Carpet - Vacuum Specialists Calgary
This Is How Often You Should Really Be Vacuuming Your Carpet

Carpet continues to be one of the top flooring choices because of its warmth, softness, and comfort. However, carpet is also one of the top floorings that hold a lot...

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