Calgary’s Vacuum Award Winner 2016

Why was Vacuum Specialists awarded top Vacuum Retailer in Calgary for 2016?

Vacuum Specialists have been the top choice in Vacuum Cleaners in Calgary for almost 50 years due to premium service guarantees and providing the most durable, convenient vacuum products on the market!

Selecting a central vacuum system or standalone vacuum cleaner for your home can be a real headache and feel like a chore. There are limitless options when selecting a vacuum and deciding on an upright, canister, stick, handheld, sweeper or central vacuum system can make your head spin. The decision can be even more daunting when you factor in other features such as animal allergy reductions, bagless, environmentally friendly, corded, fixed, etc.  It is essential to select a vacuum cleaner that is suitable for your home environment and is durable and built to last.

Your vacuum cleaner is one of the most used small appliances in your home. Most discount vacuum cleaners at the big box stores have a shelf life average of 2 years! It is important to select a brand and model of vacuum that will last. Vacuum cleaners along with many other household appliances can dramatically range in cost. It is important to factor into the buying decision a vacuum that will work to your needs and most importantly last for years to come with a great warranty.

Vacuum Specialists offers the highest quality vacuum cleaners in Calgary. We carry the largest selection of Vacuum Cleaners and Cleaning Equipment in Calgary. Although we hand select the highest quality products do not be discouraged that our vacuums will be out of your price range. Vacuum Specialists offers the Lowest Price Guarantee and also provides Free Shipping online. Our 3 locations offer the most affordable vacuum cleaners in Calgary and the best rated central vacuums in Calgary.

Our skilled and well experienced team is available to assist you find the vacuum cleaner or cleaning system fit to your needs. We carry all makes and manufacturers such as Beam Vacuums, Electrolux Vacuums, Drain Vac, Easy Flo Vacuums, Miele Vacuum Cleaners, Sebo Vacuums, Dyson Vacuums Calgary and many others. Come visit one of our two locations in Southwest Calgary and Northwest Calgary or our Airdrie location today to find out why Calgarians trust the team at Vacuum Specialists.

Vacuum Servicing Tips

Vacuum Servicing Tips

Many of us are unaware that vacuum cleaners require the care and attention of any appliance in the home. There are many moving parts with a vacuum cleaner and depending on the level of use, it is important to keep your vacuum cleaner system up to date with service to avoid costly repairs and replacement down the road. Did you know that 92% of North American households vacuum their floors each week and 78% of those vacuum for an average of 30 minutes or more. This equates to over 26 hours each year! During the cleaning cycle, vacuum cleaners are responsible for ridding your household floors of dirt, dust, hair, allergens and many other questionable items. Your vacuum cleaner is exposed to a very abrasive environment and is susceptible to breakdown and damage during each use.

Let’s face it, nobody is excited to clean a vacuum or to look and remove any debris from the bottom of a vacuum cleaner. With many people suffering from allergies, this can be a fast track ticket to sneeze city! Due to these reasons, many of us stray away from executing this unfavourable task.  Unfortunately because of this our vacuum cleaners start to become clogged with debris. The engines and mechanics of the system also start to be exposed to dust, dirt and other debris resulting in mechanical failure. Most vacuum cleaner damage can be preventable if the proper maintenance and care is executed.

When purchasing your vacuum cleaner with Vacuum Specialists, our team will demonstrate the proper care and servicing required to prevent costly repairs and replacement down the road. Our 3 locations are equipped with vacuum filters and parts for every brand of vacuum cleaner you can imagine, this will assist you in maintaining your vacuum cleaner for many years to come.

However, that said, if your vacuum cleaner or central vacuum has broken down and requires attention, call us today! If you require vacuum repairs or servicing or central vacuum repairs in Calgary and surrounding areas, our team can assist you.

We are the experts for anything related to vacuum cleaners and Vacuum Cleaner Repairs in Calgary since 1970, so you can trust us to get the job done!