Experience the power and innovation of Dyson vacuum cleaners, a leading brand in Canada, the USA, and around the world. Dyson vacuum units are in a class of their own with their signature Ball Technology and patented Radial Root Cyclone™ Technology. The Ball Technology rotates in all directions, making it effortless to manoeuvre the vacuum unit through the space and reducing fatigue for the user. Advanced cyclone engineering uses centrifugal forces to spin the air at high speeds, increasing suction power and minimizing the number of particles that go back into space. The result? A cleaner space in less time, better air quality, and a powerful clean.

Vacuum Specialists is proud to be a supplier of the award-winning Dyson vacuums out of our 3 locations – Northwest Calgary, Southwest Calgary, and Airdrie. Choose from lightweight stick designs, large canister vacuum units, upright, and units complete with a handheld vacuum.