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Signs that your vacuum bag needs changing

November 18th, 2020

Vacuum Bags Cleaning Calgary
Vacuum Bags Cleaning Calgary

Many people use their vacuum cleaner at least once a week. While most homes likely aren’t vacuuming heavy dust and particles, it’s still important to change your vacuum bag regularly to lengthen the life of your vacuum cleaner.

Here are key indicators that your vacuum bag needs to be changed. 

Cleaning vacuum bags on time
Cleaning vacuum bags on time

Suction power is low 

A telltale sign that the bag is full is if your vacuum cleaner’s suction power is not as powerful. If you’re noticing dirt and debris left behind despite running the vacuum over a few times, it’s time to switch out your bag. 

A foul smell is coming from the bag

Even if the bag doesn’t seem full, if a musty or foul smell comes from the bag, it’s best to change it. Food particles and pet excrements can make their way into your vacuum cleaner, which can lead to unpleasant odours. 

If you’ve used your vacuum for more than a month

If you’ve used your vacuum cleaner often for a month, your vacuum bag likely needs to be changed. Regardless if you’re experiencing any issues or if the bag is full, changing the bag ensures that your vacuum cleaner is working at peak capacity and is part of the care that will lengthen its life. 

After vacuuming a dusty area

Vacuuming small dust and other tiny particles will lead to your vacuum cleaner not performing as well it should. After any project that involves vacuuming dust, glitter, and other fine material, be sure to change the vacuum bag. 

The indicator light comes on

Some vacuums come with an indicator light that lets you know when the bag is full. However, if any of the above is true – the suction power is low, you notice a foul smell, you’ve used your vacuum frequently for more than a month, or you’ve just vacuumed dusty materials – it’s best to change the vacuum bag.

The bottom line

Many vacuum brands recommend changing the bag before it becomes full, at least every three months. The purpose of changing the vacuum bag when you need to is so that your vacuum cleaner is working at an optimal level.


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