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6 Unique Ways to Use Your Vacuum Cleaner

August 26th, 2019


Vacuuming can be unique. How? Your vacuum can be used creatively for tasks you never thought possible.

1. Pet Grooming

Some vacuum cleaners come specially equipped for use on your pets. A vacuum cleaner fit for a pet, really? Yes! Take the pet grooming portion of your vacuum and gently brush your animal with it. Animals sometimes love this treat as it’s a goofy way for them to get clean. Not only are you making your animal happy but you are avoiding a pet hair disaster in your home. Animals shed so much and leave fur all over your house but with a little vacuum grooming now and then, there is less fur for you to clean up.

Are you worried about the release of fur into your house when the grooming is done? Fear not as the fur gets sucked up into your vacuum as soon as the bristles release. This kind of vacuum is a perfect fit for your pet and you!

2. Freshen Up Your Home

Take a deep breath to smell the amazing scent inside your home once you have finished vacuuming your rooms. How does vacuuming make your air smell great? Placing a cotton ball with essential oil into the empty bag of a vacuum cleaner will freshen up your home. As the vacuum runs, the smell gets released into every room you clean. Who knew your place could smell so good!?

3. Unclog Your Drain

Is your drain clogged up with dirt after rinsing your athletic clothes in the kitchen sink? Your vacuum can come to the rescue for this too. There are drain unclogging attachments available for some vacuums that you can use to suck the clog out and get your sink in working order once again. Get back to preparing for that dinner party you are having tonight without the worry of a backed-up sink.

4. Kill Fleas

A strong vacuum suction can be so powerful, it kills fleas. You might have some of these annoying little creatures hiding out in unknown spaces. Well, take your vacuum cleaner and suck them up and out of your home. Thank your powerful air current for ridding your carpets and upholstery from Fido’s little friends!

5. Whisk Away Hard to Reach Dirt and Crumbs

Did someone drop crumbs down the heat vent again? Are you trying to get into the air ducts and underneath the fridge to clean out the dirt that has collected in these zones? Get out the crevice tool on your vacuum cleaner to twist and grab the accumulation of all those crumby spots you just can’t clean with the main vacuum head.

6. Dust

You might think you have to dust certain items like blinds and mirrors but in fact, you can use your vacuum to get rid of fuzz and fluff. The dusting brush attachment on your vacuum is suited for almost any surface to safely and easily suck up light debris, so get busy making your air allergy-free once more.

Suddenly, your vacuum is more than just a cleaning device but an essential key to a clean life. Vacuum Specialists are here to help you discover the right tools for all your vacuuming jobs.

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