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Vacuum Attachments 101

October 25th, 2019


You have a vacuum with plenty of attachments but are unsure what each piece is used for. To help you out, here is a list of some essential vacuum cleaner attachments you need and what they do.


There are many types of brush attachments for your vacuum depending on which kind of flooring you have. You can purchase a brush specifically for hardwood floors or you might look into getting one that is ideal for tile. A brush is an essential piece to your vacuum because it can help you get at all types of dirt and grime off your floors.

Taking it one step further, brushes come in styles suited to pick up hairs and dust from upholstery. You might even want to get a powered brush that squeezes into tiny places. It is important to note that power brushes have fewer bristles than other brushes and as such should not be used in place of a regular brush but in addition to them.

Brush away your vacuuming needs for a fluff-free home.

Crevice Tool

Do you need help getting in between every crack and crevice in your house but find the vacuum just won’t fit? This is where the crevice tool comes in handy. This is a long, skinny hose attachment that can get between spaces your vacuum wand normally cannot reach.

Go ahead, clean out the food remnants left in between your fridge and stove and even get the hair in those tight corners. This tool is like Gumby, contorting its way in between those hard to reach locations to save you from a dirty house. While you are at it, don’t forget to use the crevice tool to get rid of all those crumbs under the cushions of your couch left from last night’s pizza party!

Blinds Attachment

Dusting! The word makes you cringe as it takes so much time to clear all the little fuzzies away. Wouldn’t you like a quicker way to dust off the blinds in your home? The blinds attachment lets you do this job without hassle as this tool is specially designed with spaced slots, allowing you to dust between your blinds.

Who knew you could use your vacuum for more than just the floors and cushions on your couch!

Claw Utility Nozzle

You have cleaned your house but now it’s time to get that car looking brand new so you can sell it. Get out the claw utility nozzle that is curved to pick up hidden dirt. Is your car wet from winter snow? Not to worry as the claw utility nozzle is great at sucking up wet messes as well as dry ones.

Clean up that puddle with your vacuum cleaner, yes, your vacuum cleaner. Though we don’t recommend sucking up water with a regular vacuum, there are vacuums available to get the wet jobs done! Ask the Vacuum Specialists for options that will clean up a wet mess.

Vacuums attachments allow you to clean a wide array of things. Did you think your vacuum could do all this? Now that you know, get going on making your house and car clean, ensuring all the blinds are dusted and the wet spots are gone so no one slips.

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