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Why You Need More Than One Vacuum

May 15th, 2019


A vacuum is an essential piece of equipment. Cleaning your house makes you feel fresh and allows you to stay healthier. A vacuum is a must to rid your home of allergy-causing dust and pollen clinging to your floors, walls and window coverings. 

Owning at least 2 vacuums will put you in a good position for keeping a clean home. Why? Your house is uniquely structured so you want to ensure you can clean everywhere needed. One type of vacuum is unlikely to do all the jobs you have.  

Each vacuum is built differently and has unique purposes. So, how do you find the right vacuums for your situation? Take a look at your home and think about the areas you need to get that dust away from.  

Maybe you have a single level home with mixed surfaces. Your best bet for this kind of home is an upright vacuum and a hand-held vacuum. 

Why You Need an Upright Vacuum 

Cleans carpet and hard flooring: There is a brush bar that allows you to gently clean your hard floor without damaging it while still getting the impacted dust out of carpets. 

Easy on Your Body: Do you have a back problem and find it hard on your back to vacuum? An upright vacuum is ideal for you because it will allow you to stand up tall while still being able to clean. Say goodbye to your pain and move forward with a clean touch. 

Wide Cleaning Path: This kind of vacuum allows you to get a vast space cleaned in one run because of the wide cleaning path it has.  

Why Your Home Is in Need of a Hand-Held Vacuum 

Compact Size: Do you find it annoying having to pull out your large vacuum cleaner for a tiny drop of food? Get a hand-held vacuum that is small and easy to grab when you need to clean one little spot in your home. What if you need to clean your car? Bring the hand-held vacuum to your garage and clean the seat crevices and mats without having to lug a heavy vacuum with you. 

Low Cost: A hand-held vacuum generally costs less than other vacuum styles. You might be able to find a hand-held vacuum for under $100. 

Ask yourself if your house has mixed surfaces, mostly hard flooring or a majority of carpet so that you can determine which kind of vacuum will do the best job for you. 

Vacuum Specialists in Calgary has a wide array of choices for your every need. Let them answer any of your pending questions so that you can attain that dream clean of yours.

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