Welcome to Vacuum Specialists, your top destination for Atrix vacuums. With four convenient locations in Tuxedo Park, Killarney, Avenida area or Luxstone Plaza, we offer a diverse selection of Atrix models for our valued customers in Calgary and Airdrie.

Maintain peak performance with the city’s largest stock of Atrix parts, ensuring your vacuum’s longevity. Atrix, a leading U.S. manufacturer, specializes in portable industrial vacuums with ultrafine filtration, offering advanced cleaning solutions for various environments.

For Atrix vacuum repairs in Calgary and Airdrie, trust Vacuum Specialists, serving customers since the 1970s. We provide prompt and efficient service, aiming to restore your vacuum to optimal performance. Whether you need a new Atrix vacuum, replacement parts, or repairs, we are committed to excellent service, inviting you to experience the joy of cleaning with an Atrix vacuum today.

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