390ASB HEPA Dry Canister Vacuum


A powerful, dry only HEPA vacuum with exceptional stability. Low profile design makes it extremely manoeuvrable and easy to use. Stainless steel tank and telescopic wand. Provides 97″ of water lift and CFM of 100. Comes with an idependently certified HEPA filter and on-board tools. Power coard is 7.6m (25′).

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The Pullman-Holt 390ASB HEPA Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful 4-gallon, dry only HEPA vacuum with exceptional stability. This canister vacuum cleaner is designed for professional cleaning, and it has superior, low profile design that makes it extremely manuverable and easy to use. Unlike similar canister HEPA vacuums, the 390ASB is equipped with a HEPA filter that is individually tested and certified, a standard feature on all Pullman-Holt HEPA vacuums.

The Pullman-Holt 390Asb HEPA Vacuum Cleaner is an ideal fit for RRP because it has the ability to perform key lead-safe work practices. The low profile, compact, lightweight design of the Pullman-Holt Vacuum, along with the easy and convenient hook-up to power tools, makes this HEPA vacuum extremely maneuverable on all types of floors. The 390ASB vacuums come with all the tools and accessories required for cleaning any time of objects and surfaces found in most lead work areas.

-Three floor nozzles available – Standard Ergo Slide Floor Tool, Air-Powered Turbo Brush, Electric Powered Brush

-Powerful – a quiet, yet powerful 1.5 HP motor provides the suction of vacuums twice its size

-HEPA Filtration – filters are individually tested and certified to have a minimum efficiency of 99.99% at 0.3 microns based on particle count test method

-Low Profile Design – prevents tipping while providing greater mobility

-Durable – stainless steel tank is attractive yet rugged

-Convenient Features and Design – foot activated on/off switch and as well as onboard tools and power cord storage


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