Alder 3-way Switch Crush Proof Hose



Premium quality Pigtail 3-way switch control and light-weight Crush-Proof Electric Hose with 360-degree full swivel handle, Our dual-volt hoses are equipped with an ergonomic electric handle, Control ON/OFF of the CVAC unit and an electric powerhead at the handle. The handle features a 3-way switch that enables you to activate your power unit alone, or your power unit and powerhead together. The swivel handle helps to protect your hose from twists and kinks, allowing for a smother clean.

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  • Crushproof – Bounces Back
  • Lightweight & Easy to Use
  • Heavy Duty & Durable
  • 360 Swivel – Fewer Kinks
  • 3-way Switch for Control
  • Air Flow Adjustable
  • Compatibility: Standard fit-all size, fits most systems
  • One Year Warranty

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