Duovac Permanent Filter (Air 50, Asteria, Distinction, Star, Symphonia)


Duovac Permanent Filter – 7 x 12″ (17.8 x 30.5 cm), Made of polypropylene with Silpure antibacterial treatment.


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Much like a regular portable vacuum, the basic maintenance of a DuoVac Central Vacuum System is changing the bag, or, in most cases, emptying the dirt receptacle on the main unit. To do this, remove the base of the unit with a twist or by unlatching, then dump the debris and put a plastic bag over the bottom and shake the center-weighted cloth filter. On top of emptying models simply open the top and remove the bag. On bottom models without a cloth filter, reach up and remove the mesh filter or clean the debris screen. Some models may have a foam filter that can be removed and washed and completely air-dried.

Fit models:

  • Duovac Air 50
  • Duovac Asteria
  • Duovac Distinction
  • Duovac Star
  • Duovac Symphonia

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