Electrolux EL211A Ultra Long Performance S Bag (3-Bags)


  • Compatible with Electrolux EL4012/EL4015/EL4040/EL4100/EL4200/EL6980/EL7000/EL7020/EL7050/EL7060/EL7070/ EL7080 Series Canisters.
  • Package includes 3 Ultra Bags

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Compatible with:

  • Eureka CV140 Series Central Vacuums 6500/6510/6990 Series Canisters.
  • Sanitaire PE6985/SP6950 Series Canisters

Benefits of using bags:

  • Less mess. With a bag, there’s little to no chance that your dust will wind up back on the floor or in your face.
  • Better for allergy sufferers. Bags keep dust and allergens completely separate from the person who is doing the vacuuming. As a result, disposing of dust is much less likely to cause an allergic reaction.
  • Less maintenance is required. Vacuum cleaner bags take a lot of stress off your vacuum cleaner. The bags hold more dirt than their bagless counterparts, so you don’t need to dump the dirt as often.

If you have any questions about bagless and bagged vacuum cleaners, please give us a call or click right bottom corner Green Circle to leave a message.


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