Electrolux Washable Filter – EL012W

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Compatible with EL8505B Versatility, EL4040A JetMaxx®, EL4042A JetMaxx®, EL4100A Ergospace®, EL4200A Maximus®, EL4300B UltraActive™ DeepClean, EL4307A UltraActive™ DeepClean, EL6986A UltraSilencer®, EL7060A UltraSilencer®, DeepClean EL7066A UltraSilencer®, Delux EL7070A UltraOne™, EL4300A UltraActive™, EL4103A Ergospace®, EL7062A Oxygen®, EL7063A UltraSilencer® DeepClean, EL4325A UltraActive™ Turbo, EL4305AZ UltraActive™ DeepClean, EL6984A UltraSilencer® Green, EL6988EZX Oxygen®, EL6988E Oxygen®, EL7061A UltraSilencer® DeepClean, EL7061B UltraSilencer® DeepClean, EL4326A UltraActive™ Turbo, EL4050B Versatility, EL8501F Versatility, EL8502F Versatility, EL4650A UltraCaptic™, EL7085ADX UltraOne® Deluxe, EL7080ACL UltraOne® Classic, EL7083ASG UltraOne® Signet.

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