Esteam Tile & Grout Acidic Cleaner 1 Gallon


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Tile & Grout Acidic Cleaner is designed for ceramic tile, stone and grout to remove hard water build up, mineral scales and efflorescence. Acidic Cleaner uses ingredients that are significantly more effective than many traditional acids at removing insoluble salts and safer to use.

  • Diluted pH: <1 Dilution
  • Ratio: 1:4
  • Available in: 3.79 L
  • Part number: C101-925/ 1636-0582/ Viper Renew


  • Pretest in an inconspicuous area for compatibility. For use on acid resistant tile or stone. Not for use on natural stone such as marble, lime stone or any other acid sensitive surfaces. Be careful not to allow this product to come in contact with any other surfaces other than the one you are working on.
  • For Heavy Soil Conditions: Mix 32 oz (945 ml) of Esteam Acidic Cleaner with 1 gal (3.78 L) of warm water. (1:4 dilution) Vacuum or sweep area to remove any loose soils, apply product using sprayer or mop. Esteam Acidic Cleaner will etch the stone and grout removing a thin layer. It is important to limit the dwell time to 3 or 4 minutes and if necessary repeat the process. Brush agitation will aid in the etching process.
  • Using a hard surface high pressure spinning attachment in conjunction with a high pressure portable machine or truckmounted equipment, set equipment at 1000 PSI to pressure clean and rinse with Esteam’s Tile & Grout Neutral Cleaner.
  • Neutralizing the area must be done to prevent further degradation of the tile and grout.

Esteam Cleaning Systems professional chemical products are premium quality concentrated formulations that produce excellent results and solve the toughest soiling conditions encountered by the professional cleaner.

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