Forever New Eco Friendly Powder Laundry Detergent with scoop – 2kg



Soft Scented Eco Friendly Powder Laundry Detergent – 2kg

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Clothing experts! Our laundry detergents are specially designed for the clothes you love most. Keeping them clean, smelling fresh, and looking like new longer. Because our detergent is made from natural, plant-derived and biodegradable ingredients it is a perfect choice for families with babies and young children or those with sensitive skin. Our products are never tested on animals and 100% made in North America.

  • Pure citric base is tough on dirt but gentle to sensitive skin and clothes
  • Eco friendly laundry detergent – natural, plant derived and biodegradable ingredients free from phosphates
  • Formulated for everyday use, but especially great for lingerie, linens and other fabrics which require a delicate detergent
  • HE machine compatible – 64 machine washes or 250 hand washes.Preserves Elasticity

Vacuum Specialists offers the highest quality Cleaning Products at the lowest prices in Canada, and are one of the largest suppliers of Cleaning Products in all of Canada. Please give us a call or click right bottom corner Green Circle to leave a message if you have any questions.

What’s the Difference Between Powders and Liquids?

In general, powders are more concentrated than liquids, which can contain up to 80% water. Powders are easier to use in a prewash cycle, as you can fill both compartments at the same time without worrying about leakage.

Proudly made in Canada. Forever New eco-friendly pure citric base is tough on stains but gentle on sensitive skin and fabrics. It rinses clean, so the clothes you love last longer. Formulated for everyday use, it is perfect for all your clothing & linens. Our powder detergent is 100% active and is made from plant derived biodegradable ingredients without zeolites, parabens, phthalates, or phosphates.


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