Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel Bucket- 63oz


Continuous-release Natural Odor eliminating Fresh Wave Crystal Gel in a 63oz bucket for 24/7 deodorizing power.

Do you have ongoing odors in your life and your home? You can save money and reduce waste by snagging this eco-friendly Gel Refill.

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Naturally eliminates a wide spectrum of odors without using or adding fragrances or chemicals
This gel is ideal for a variety of odors including smoke, pet, kitchen, bathroom and more.

Hold onto your original containers and top them off with our plant-based odor removing Gel whenever they run low. Our small containers (7 oz) will typically need a refill every 15-30 days, while our large (15 oz) will need it every 30-60 days. Or you can get creative and make your own decorative container! Either way, you save some green, your life smells fresher and feels cleaner, and your air is taken care of with safer, natural ingredients.

How to Use:
Savings are huge with the Gel Refill Bucket where you can open and refill old container you may have.
Open the lid and remove the seal.
Replace slotted lid and place gel where odors are strongest.
Sniff. Smile. Repeat!
The gel will disappear as it evaporates.
Do not put gel down drain or disposal.
Container is recyclable.

Ingredients: Water & Plant Extracts (Lime, Pine Needle, Aniseed, Clove and Cedar Wood)


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