Fresh Wave – Vacuum Pearls

Fresh Wave – Vacuum Pearls

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Don’t dirty the air while vacuuming the carpet. Smells love to linger in the deep pile and tightly woven weave of carpeting. And every time you vacuum, guess where that odor goes? Not into the vacuum bag, it goes back into the air. Vacuum not only suck air in, they blow it as exhaust. That’s why you need natural Fresh Wave Vacuum Pearls. They control odor to leave your air fresh as the newly vacuumed carpet. Simply add a capful into your vacuum bag and go. As odorous air enters the bag, the unscented pearls eliminate any odor molecules. For a bag less vacuum, use odor removing Pearl Packs for odor control. These will give you the same results, with greater ease of use. Don`t forget to grab the Pearl pack before you empty that bin in the trash! And while we`re talking about odor in the carpet, there`s no better first line of defense that Fresh Wave Carpet Shake. It destroys odor, and is safe for people, pets and anything else that likes to stretch out on your floor.



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