Fresh Wave® Odor Removing Vacuum Pearls- 5.2oz


Remove stubborn smells with Fresh Wave natural odor eliminating products! No harsh chemicals. No heavy perfumes. No toxic ingredients.

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The vacuum cleaner you use sucks in the air as it removes the dirt embedded into your carpet
That same air is “filtered” by your vacuum and released back into the room along with the odours of the dirt as well as the dirt that is still in the vacuum from the last time you used it
You know the smell, that musty odour that lingers around
Adding a capful of Fresh Wave Vacuum Pearls the air is deodorized as it enters the bag
The room is also treated while the vacuum exhausts the Fresh Wave formula into the room
Now Fresh Wave has destroyed the odours from the bag and the room at the same time leaving you with a fresh clean scent.

Water & Plant Extracts (Lime, Pine Needle, Aniseed, Clove and Cedar Wood)


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