Hide A Hose CX1000 Battery Power Nozzle

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  • Durable, yet lightweight with a convenient carrying handle
  • 44 Volt Lithium Ion Battery with a full hour of run time
  • Quick recharge time of 2 hours
  • Battery capacity light indicator located on top of the battery
  • Wood brush roller with firm bristles ideal for properly cleaning carpeting
  • Vent holes along the bottom plate for the careful cleaning of soft carpeting
  • Ultra-bright LED headlight illuminates your cleaning path
  • Squeegee for bare floor cleaning
  • Rubber wheels and bumper protect flooring, furniture, and baseboards
  • Aluminum handle tube works with Hide-A-Hose “Ready Grip Handles”
  • 4 year warranty on vacuum, 2 year warranty on battery
  • Weight: 11 pounds, Color: White
  • Manufactured by Tacony Corp. St. James, Missouri
  • The CX1000 not only has the convenience of portable power, it also outperforms many traditional electric and turbine powerheads in performance. This is due to the impeller fan pushing air at 10,500 RPM toward the hose while the central vacuum suction is simultaneously pulling air through the system. This allows for a “push and pull” effect, boosting your standard suction and creating an incredibly powerful vacuum cleaner.


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