Karcher 11.4″ Crevice Tool DN40 #69030330


Plastic crevice tool (DN 40) for vacuuming in crevices and corners. Length: 290 mm.

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This might be the most familiar vacuum attachment on the list. The narrow, angled crevice tool should be the go-to vacuum accessory for cleaning areas where the vacuum is too bulky to reach. Slide it along baseboards, between vents, and in other tight corners to pick up dust and debris. You can also use this attachment to clean under couch cushions.

How it works: Grab debris from tight spots, like baseboard edges and under the front of the oven, the washer, and other appliances.

Other uses: Suction out smaller spots, too. Clear dust from a doorjamb, dirt from a window track, cobwebs from corners, crumbs from car seats, and debris lodged in tufted upholstery.

Pro tip: For a more thorough room cleaning, run the crevice tool along the perimeter before your usual vacuuming routine on the rest of the floor.

Compatible machines:

  • NT 48/1
  • NT 65/2 Tact² 15 Amp
  • NT 35/1 Tact 110V
  • NT 45/1 Eco CUL
  • WARRIOR 12

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Technical data:

Standard nominal width 40
Quantity (piece(s)) 1
Length (mm) 290
Weight (kg) 0.1
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0.1
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 300 x 45 x 45

Manufacturer Part Number: 6.903-033.0


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