Kirby G5 Vacuum – Refurbished


The Kirby G5 is one of Kirby’s most popular color by its dark maroon color and sleek design. The most unique feature of the G5 was its “Lexan” fan blade that was redesigned with the help of NASA to increase the overall suction power. Pretty cool, huh?! Some other standard features this model has includes its upright and portable cleaning abilities, toe touch control, power nozzle height adjustments and techDrive Power Assist.

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The filtration of the Kirby G5 exceeds the filtration of the average vacuum cleaner by the means of the “Micron Magic” system. The filtration of the Kirby G5 ensures that dust particles up to 0.3 micron are caught. The power use of a Kirby G5 is minimal, only 600 Watt. This, compared with the average vacuum cleaner, will lead to a considerable reduction of the electricity bill. Furthermore, the Kirby G5 is renowned for its fantastic suction power and its incredible long life span.


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