Miele Handy TurboBrush – Turbo XS


The Miele Handy TurboBrush – Turbo XS for effortless removal of lint and hair thanks to the streamlined motor

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Miele STB20 Hand Turbobrush

Cleaning in tight corners has never been easier with the Miele STB20 air driven agitator. This tool utilizes the mass amounts of airflow generated by your Miele to rotate the agitator brush for a deeper cleaning of your carpets and upholstery. With the simple push of a button, a cover is released and exposes the turbine for easy cleaning. The STB20 has a rotating nozzle that will allow you to easily clean in many directions; perfect for risers on stair and the back of your favorite couch. Pet hair and fine dust will have a hard time clinging to your furniture with the agitating power of the Miele Turbobrush.

Key Features:

Air driven rotating brush.
4.5″ tool width.
3″ cleaning path.
Geared non-slip belt.
No tools required to access clean-out port.

Fits Models:

All Miele Vacuum Cleaners.

For effortless removal of lint and hair thanks to the streamlined motor.
With swivel joint for flexible adjusting while vacuuming
Can be attached to the handle, suction tube or suction hose
Ergonomic, for right- and left-handed users
Quick and easy to clean via the maintenance panel at the back
Compatible with all Miele vacuum cleaners


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