Perwoll for Wool & Delicates

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Perwoll for Wool & Delicates liquid detergent (formerly Perwoll Wool & Silk and also known as Balsam Magic Laundry Soap for Fine Fabrics), the nicest thing you can do for your fine wool and silk clothes is now available in a more economical 1.5 liter bottle. Its clean rinsing formula is gentle enough for hand washing even your most delicate fabrics. Its formula is gentle on the fabric fibers while removing deep set stains. This 50.72 fl. oz. (1.5L) bottle yields approximately 16 full, normally-soiled loads. Perwoll is manufactured in Germany by Henkel Waschmittel GmbH. 

  • Ideal for washing woolens and other delicate items such as linens and silks.
  • Rinses clean.
  • Also suitable for hand washing.
  • 1.5 l bottle, use between 80 – 120 ml. per wash load.

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