RF 915 Receiver – Radio Frequency


Compatible with Hide-A-Hose RF Systems.

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RF915 is the most reliable fix for homes that do not have or lose their low voltage connection to turn the vacuum suction tank on and off. RF915 uses a receiver and a unique electric hose with a sender or remote fob clicker. In addition, an RF915 Automitter can be used for kick vac ports. There is also a signal repeater for extremely large homes.

Use this receiver as part of the RF915 central vacuum wireless solution. Only one needed per home and is usually installed near the central vacuum unit connected with a low voltage wire. The receiver can be installed elsewhere so long as the low voltage wire connection to the vacuum tank is in place. The receiver is plugs into 110 volts. Each receiver can be paired with up to 10 hoses.

  • Compatible with Hide-A-Hose RF Systems.
  • Compatible with many popular brands: Beam, Nutone, Electrolux, Vacuflo, Kenmore and Eureka.


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