Rug Rat Stair Tool

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Product Description

  • The RugRat is an all purpose, turbine power vac attachment that cleans and grooms carpeting, steps, upholstery, auto interiors and picks up pet hair quickly
  • It fits all standard portables and central vacuum systems
  • The RugRat hand-held turbine powerbrush is lightweight, powerful and perfect for stairways, auto upholstery, furniture and other small places
  • It features the exclusive TurboFlex agitator, which gives you the same powerful cleaning performance as the Turbocat in the form of a highly portable attachment


Key Features

  • The RugRat operates by vacuum and requires no additional electricity, cords or batteries. This means it is less costly to buy and install and easier to use than its electric equivalent
  • This rotary brush agitates carpet fibers so that embedded dust, dirt and pet hair can be vacuumed away. It rejuvenates carpet and upholstery nap that has become crushed and worn
  • RugRat’s lightweight design makes it portable enough to clean in every room of your home. Its small, low profile design can fit in even the tightest spots
  • RugRat’s 6-inch wide sweep and multi-port edge cleaning saves time and effort
  • The RugRat fits all standard 1 1/4” wands, and is compatible with central vacuums as well as most portable vacuum cleaners

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