Sirena Twister Air Purifier


Breathe Easy Sirena Twister is a compact water-based air purifier that Freshens, Deodorizes, and Aromatizes the air in your home.

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If you are personally affected by allergies and asthma or know someone who is, then you can understand just how important air purifiers are.

Air purifiers are devices known to help remove contaminants from the air in a room. The overall goal of the device is to improve indoor air quality by reducing or eliminating air pollutants, thus providing many health benefits.

Whatever your air purifying needs may be, look to Sirena for the best quality products. Our natural water-based cleaning technology isn’t just for vacuums. We are proud to introduce you to the Sirena Twister, a unique air purifying system that harnesses the natural cleaning power of water to eliminate germs and odors from the air in your home.

With its compact design Sirena Twister fits perfectly into any home or office interior and can be placed virtually anywhere: nightstands, coffee tables, kitchen countertops, even on the floor! The Sirena Twister can also be used as a nightlight, as the long-lasting, 7-color LEDs illuminate the water to produce soft shimmering light that fills the room.
The allergy filtration system of this mini indoor air purifier will remove pet dander, lint and dust from your room air, saving your family from asthma and allergies.
While you only need tap water to use the Sirena Twister, you can greatly enhance your experience by adding a few drops of any of the Deodorizer into the water.


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