Wessel-Werk EBK360 Soft Clean Power Head


The Soft Clean Wessel-Werk EBK 360 was designed specifically with Soft Carpet in mind. The powerhead is a proprietary powerhead to be used with Plastiflex hoses. A letter “P” stamped on the hose cuff that plugs into the wall can identify these hoses. The German design and production of the Soft Clean EBK360 means you can be sure you are getting a high quality, deep cleaning powerhead.

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The Wessel-Werk telescoping wand is REQUIRED but NOT INCLUDED with this powerhead (See related items for a wand). The Wessel-Werk telescoping wand is one of the smoothest telescoping wands offered at CentralVacuumStores.com. The telescoping wand’s double action features the Wessel-Werk QDC (Quick Disconnect) end. This wand makes setting the height quick and easy. The powerhead is so simple to disconnect at the base, all you do is step on the release and pull.

What is Soft Carpeting?

Soft Carpet is the newest carpet trend sweeping the market. This carpeting is creamy to the touch and comes in a wide assortment of styles, materials, and colors but it’s also manufactured with the same durability as more commercial products, making it truly the best of both worlds. What makes these carpets so soft is a new technique separating each carpet fiber into multiple fibers. The result is an ultra-plush carpet.

While this carpeting is truly luxurious, consumers are finding that standard vacuum heads struggle to maneuver over the extra thick piling. The dense fibers make it difficult to push a vacuum across the floor. Additionally, standard powerheads can lock onto soft carpets and damage or burn the fibers.

Soft Clean EBK360 Features:

  • No Sealed Suction – To eliminate the chance of a powerhead locking onto the dense carpet and damaging the fibers, the Soft Clean EBK360 is designed with suction release holes along the bottom of the powerhead
  • Brushroll Height Adjustment – By including 5 height adjustment levels, the Soft Clean EBK360 can be raised to glide easily across the extra thick carpeting
  • Lightweight Body – A newly designed build makes for a lighter construction and allows the unit to be easier to push
  • 1 Years Limited Warranty

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  • LED headlight burns brighter and longer with less energy.
  • Reinforced cogged belt lasts longer.
  • 4 Soft rubber wheels won’t mar bare floors.
  • Solid state circuit breaker protects the motor.
  • Locking neck with release pedal for quick release of wands.
  • Large edge cleaning channels to clean closer to edges and baseboards.
  • Extra large intake orifice means less, or no, clogging.
  • Enclosed side-mounted belt so your belt is protected from debris you pick up.
  • Air-flow control squeegee for hard surface use.
  • Chevron bristle configuration maximizes brush roller effectiveness.
  • Locking neck assembly for convenient on/off function.
  • 5-Step height adjustment for use on a wide variety of carpet styles.


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