Soniclean Vacuum Bags

Mark Bosses, the founder of Soniclean, scaled his family-run vacuum bag business into the world’s largest manufacturer of vacuum bags. Their company, Home Care Industries, was the first to substitute paper with synthetic filter bags and introduce anti-microbial media. 

Vacuum bags have come a long way from when Mark Bosses’ father, Martin, made them in his garage out of paper in 1953. Fast forward a few decades, and here’s what you can expect from Soniclean vacuum bags:


  • Hygienic to promote good health
  • Higher filtration for improved air quality
  • Quality filters extend the life of your vacuum
  • Lower costs of ownership
  • Convenient washable and disposable options


With all the recent hype about air quality in homes and offices, Soniclean eliminates the worry of germs, bacteria, and microbes blowing around when the vacuum runs. 

When it comes to residential vacuums, Soniclean’s WhisperJet C2 canister vacuum cleaner offers high-quality filtration, capturing particles 3x smaller than HEPA filters.

All Soniclean vacuum bags and filters are made above and beyond industry standards to capture dust, dirt, and many allergens. They’re also easy to replace and cost-effective. 

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