ActiVac 3 Central Vacuum Exhaust Hepa Filter

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  • Purifies Exhaust Air
  • Muffles Vacuum Noise
  • Traps Unhealthy Particles

Homes with the ActiVac III Exhaust HEPA Filter are most clean and healthy, especially for asthma/allergy sufferers. ActiVac installs in seconds on all central vacuums and provides incredible results.

Made from the Finest Materials
HEPA Cartridge Filter, Charcoal Membrane, Metal Reinforced, Fully Sealed. Dimensions: ActiVac sticks out 6 inches from the vacuum unit and is 18 inches tall with the elbow attached to it. Vacuums that have a dusty exhaust may have to change ActiVac yearly.

Fits All Central Vacuum Systems* 



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