Beam Alliance Q Package


Beam Alliance Q Package offers the quietest, most versatile, and easy-to-use power nozzle in their lineup. With the 13″ bare floor brush – one of the widest floor brushes on the market, you can be sure to clean your house with less time, less energy, and less cleaning effort. it will let you cover more ground and fasten your vacuuming process.

Designed to work exclusively with BEAM Alliance Power Units.

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Beam Alliance Q Package

Powerhead Feature:

Beam Alliance Q power head has a swivel neck allowing you to easily navigate and reach under the beds or furniture without a hassle that is not offered with any other Beam packages.

Our 13″ bare floor brush that is made of soft natural hair along with rubber side wheels will prevent scratching even the most delicate hardwood and increase durability.

The built-in LED lights will allow you to see every corner of your house, even in dimly lit areas so you can get the job done quickly and thoroughly. Moreover, the lights provide a bright path helping you to avoid picking up any large objects.

In case you do, you are protected by the overload motor protection system and a heavy-duty serpentine belt that doesn’t stretch out. All you have to do after accidentally picking up a sock or a toy is unplug the power cord, remove the obstruction and continue vacuuming. You don’t have to change your belt anymore when you should be just about done vacuuming for the day.

A quick-release neck allows you to disconnect the wand from the head by stepping on a lever which is extremely convenient.


Hose Feature:

Our dual-volt hoses are equipped with an ergonomic electric handle, Control ON/OFF of the CVAC unit, and an electric powerhead at the handle (3-way switch).

The handle features a 3-way switch that enables you to activate your power unit alone, or your power unit and powerhead together.

The swivel handle helps to protect your hose from twists and kinks, allowing for a smoother clean.

This hose is compatible with all standard valves and wands. Hose features lightweight, crush-proof technology that makes using central vacuuming easy and more efficient.


Attachment Feature:

13″ Natural Bristle Floor Brush

  • Made with Horsehair so it won’t scratch your floor. Ideal for hard surfaces.

3 In 1 Tool

  • Easily convert from a dusting brush to a crevice and upholstery tool.

Telescopic Wand For Attachments

  • Fits all types of vacuum cleaners that use common fit-all attachments (1 1/4″ inner diameter of attachment opening)

Hose Hanger

  • Plastic wall-mount hose hangers keep hoses off the ground by manually wrapping hose on hanger.

3 In 1 Clip-on Tool

  • Keeps frequently used accessories within reach at all times during vacuuming. It can hold up to three tools and can be attached to a wand.

2G to Round Attachment Adapter

  • Allows you to use standard, 1.25″ circular attachments with the oval shape of the Alliance wand or Electrolux 2G wand.

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