Beam Serenity Series SC275 Central Vacuum – Refurbished 3 year warranty


This unit features a high performance 2-stage motor to give maximum cleaning power. Combined with BEAM’s other quality features this model at 650 air watts is an excellent value.

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Read About The Beam Classic SC275 Central Vacuum System

 Beam SC275 Central Vacuum System

The Beam SC275 central vacuum cleaner is a two-stage motor appliance that generates enough power to remove all harmful particles over an 8,000 square feet surface. The first vacuum of the series only generated enough power to clean a 3,500 square feet surface. With this product, the particles are controlled by 600 air watts, 142 cubic feet of airflow per minute and a 116-inch waterlift, all generated by a 14.5 amp and 120 V motor. As for the accessories, it is fitted with a six-foot power cord and it features a control module with a manually operated switch.

Other Beam central vacuum cleaners have a motor venting filter, but the ones in the Beam Line series do not. These vacuums are only protected by the self-cleaning HEPA filter, which has a weight that determines its action depending on whether the appliance is running or not. This filter proposed by Gore-Tex protects not only the motor of the SC275 vacuum but its user too, HEPA filtration being a top recommendation for people who have asthma or allergic reactions. The contents of the self-cleaning filter are discharged into the window dirt receptacle upon the shutdown of the central vacuum cleaner, a dirt receptacle whose storage capacity is four gallons maximum.

The parts and labor of the SC275 power unit are secured for seven years after the purchase date. In fact, this is the warranty period with all three models of the Beam Basic series. This guarantee shows that these products are resistant and therefore reliable. Moreover, they are highly convenient and easy to use. The dimensions of the SC275 central vacuum cleaner are eloquent. This vacuum cleaner whose diameter is set at eleven inches and whose height is set at forty-two inches weighs only thirty-one pounds, so its practicality and convenience are undisputed. All in all, the Beam SC275 central vacuum cleaner is a well-designed and cost-effective appliance that stands up to the expectations of users everywhere and to those of its manufacturer as well.

Beam SC275 Central Vacuum Features

  • Utility Valve – Built-in utility inlet for garage or basement use. Conveniently vacuum out your car, basement, or garage by plugging a hose directly into the utility inlet on the power unit.
  • Self Cleaning Filter – You’ll never need to clean the filter. The GORE Self Cleaning Filter cleans itself every time you turn your vacuum off.
  • Powerful Whole House Cleaning – No matter what your home size there is a Beam Classic that will fit all your cleaning needs.
  • Anti-Vibration Mounting System – The anti-vibration mounting system keeps your unit in place for quiet low maintenance operation.
  • Twist Lock Bucket – The twist lock bucket is easy to remove, empty, and replace.

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Approximate Area Coverage: 6,000 sq.ft
600 Air Watts
Efficient 2-stage, 5.7” Motor
Maximum Amps: 14.5
Average Operating Amps: 13
Sound Level 45.1 dBA (EST)
15 Liter Dirt Receptacle with window
Utility Inlet on Unit
ESC Board
Size: 11” diameter x 42” high
Color: Silver Sport


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