Beam Solaire SL100 Brushroll



The Beam 155256 roller brush for Solaire ensures that the vacuum powerhead cleans properly. The bristles on the roller brush can become worn down over time which deteriorates the performance of the vacuum.

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The Beam 155256 Roller Brush for the Solaire is probably one of the most important components of the powerhead and ensures that the vacuum powerhead cleans properly. The performance of the powerhead will be depleted if the bristles on the roller brush become worn down over time.

The Beam Roller Brush for Solaire fits the following central vacuum powerheads:

  • Beam Solaire SL100
  • Beam B1500
  • Electrolux EXL 103A Electrolux SL 105A Electrolux Solaire SL103B Eureka EL101A (Powerhead found in CV390 Tool Kits) Eureka EL102-A (Powerhead found in Eureka ECP700E Tool Kits) Honeywell HL102A

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