Bissell Spotbot Steam Pump Assembly



The Bissell Spotbot Steam Pump Assembly is a replacement part for the Bissell Spotbot portable carpet cleaner. This assembly is responsible for creating the suction and steam required to deep clean carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces. The assembly includes the pump motor, hoses, and other necessary components, and is designed to be easily installed in the Spotbot cleaner. By replacing a worn or damaged steam pump assembly, users can restore their Spotbot cleaner’s cleaning performance and extend its lifespan.

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Please note that: Repairs and maintenance of Bissell products should be done only with genuine Bissell parts by authorized service centers.

Replacement parts and accessories can improve your vacuum’s performance, but they don’t (and shouldn’t) cancel out regular servicing. Dust and particles get trapped in the motor, filter, seals, gaskets, and all components, which can reduce its efficacy. And when a vacuum is clogged with dirt, it goes back into the space and air you breathe.  Like any machine, vacuums require maintenance at least once a year to keep them operating at their best and lasting longer.

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Some of the most common vacuum issues include a lack of suction, a belt that needs replacing, the vacuum failing to turn on altogether, the brush doesn’t spin, and unusual noises and vibrations. At Vacuum Specialists, we can handle all of your vacuum repair needs.

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Bissell SpotBot Pump fits Bissell Spot Bot Models 1200, 1200H, 1200L, 1200Q, 12002, 12008, 1200A, 1200B, 1200C, 1200K, 1200R and 7887
Part # 2036659, 203-6659

1200 SpotBot Carpet Cleaner
1200-6 SpotBot
1200-L SpotBot Carpet Cleaner
1200-5 SpotBot
1200-H SpotBot Carpet Cleaner
1200-Q SpotBot Carpet Cleaner
1200-B SpotBot
7887 SpotBot
33N8 Pet SpotBot Carpet Cleaner
33N8-2 Pet SpotBot Carpet Cleaner
33N8-K Pet SpotBot Carpet Cleaner
33N8-A Pet SpotBot Carpet Cleaner
78R5 Pet SpotBot Carpet Cleaner
1200 Spotbot


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