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The SEB 217-3 Powerbrush provides a 11″ wide sweeping path delivers edge to edge cleaning. This is a great carpet cleaning head for low cut carpets and low to medium height berbers. This is an easy to use Direct Connect accessory that works with the SET 210 Telescopic wand. This powerbrush is a great replacement or addition for those looking to upgrade from a rug and bare floor combination head.

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Everyone seeks power in their vacuum cleaner in order to optimize their cleaning and that power is also provided by the power brush. One of the power brushes offered by Miele to their clients is the SEB 217-3 electric power brush, a direct connect model that helps achieve great cleaning results and relieves some of the pressure this choice usually puts one under.

The SEB 217-3 electric power brush can be found on the S5 and S2 vacuum cleaners as well as on the S191 stick vacuum cleaner made by Miele. It can be used with SET 220 telescopic or electric wands to clean low pile carpets. In fact, it is suitable for any carpet height that ranges between low and medium thanks to its floating head design. There are a lot of similarities between powerheads and combination floor tools, but overall, powerheads are upgraded versions of the latter, so their overall performance on rugs, carpets, and bare floors is better.

More Benefits For The Miele SEB 217-3
One can easily notice the German precision in this power brush. The cleaning path of the brush roll measures 10 1/2 inches, which is quite a large surface to clean at once. Additional precision is guaranteed by the swivel neck which annuls the concept of hard-to-reach spots and eliminates the need for any additional tools which are usually required for detail cleaning. The high precision is supplemented by the high power of 5 amps the motor of this power brush produces and high resistance levels, the cogged belts lowering the risk of breakage.

The vacuum cleaners and tools manufactured by Miele reflect more than just the precision that characterizes the German people. They also reflect a great deal of attention paid to the maneuverability of their products. Thus, apart from a wide revolving brush roll and a wide powerhead, the Miele SEB 217-3 electric power brush also has a very low profile of only 2 1/2 inches. This low height eases the access under the lowest pieces of furniture, which usually causes a lot of problems during vacuuming. Miele has found the solution to this problem and has created low profile products that can stand up to such challenges.

Cleaning high traffic areas is just as big a challenge as cleaning areas that are normally harder to reach. It takes high-quality tools to remove the dirt and dust in highly exposed areas. Unfortunately, not all brushes can handle large quantities of dust. However, the SEB 217-3 electric power brush is specially designed to remove larger amounts of debris from more or less exposed areas.

Finally, this power brush has another very useful feature in that the vacuum cleaner can continue to run without the motor and the brush has to run too. Thus, the user can cease their vacuuming whenever they choose and then resume their activity after a while. This is yet another of the very useful features Miele lures their clients with when it comes to the SEB 217-3 electric power brush. In fact, every product made by this German manufacturer has a special feature that appeals to even the most demanding consumers.

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Key Features:

  • Electro-floor brush beaer bar for the thorough cleaning of heavy-duty carpeting (direct connection).
  • The electrically powered roller brush even removed stubborn dirt
  • Motor-driven for evenly cleaning and brushing all depths of pile
  • Direct connection to retrofit appliance with electro-suction hose


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