Dyson Fluffy Brush Roller



  • Dyson Fluffy Brush Roller – This fluffy head is a perfect substitute for Dyson.
  • The brush of the soft roller brush head is made of very soft fibers, which allows you to vacuum on any type of hard surface without worrying about scratching the floor.
  • Compared with the ordinary power head designed mainly for carpets, it is also very suitable for picking up the finest dust particles, and it is better and faster.

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The ordinary power head has a brush bar with stiff bristles that can push dust onto a hard surface, but the power head has a soft roller brush that can catch all dust and debris at the same time.  Although it is manufactured for hard floor surfaces, the power head is also very effective on carpets. It is more economical to replace the damaged original machine brush head with this brush head.

Material: ABS.

Color: Picture color



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