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The Chariot iGloss 20 is a battery-powered, ride-on, hard floor burnisher intended for commercial use. This machine applies a high luster to hard floor surfaces.

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Experience improved burnishing speed and quality with our stand-on design with the Karcher Chariot 2 iGloss 20. Compact, quiet, and user-friendly, it fits in tight spaces while delivering brilliant shine. Dust collection, intuitive controls, and safety features make it a top choice for efficient cleaning.



Features and benefits:

  • Discover the enhanced burnishing speed and quality brought about by our innovative stand-on design.
  • Experience the convenience of maneuvering effortlessly in tight and busy areas, thanks to the compact size and 360-degree mobility of this model.
  • Achieve that desired brilliant shine with the 2000 rpm pad driver, while enjoying the industry’s lowest dBA for a quieter operation. With a focus on indoor air quality, dust collection is made simple with a convenient disposable bag.
  • Optimize your efficiency by working smarter, not harder, with the Chariot™ patented stand-on cleaning technology that significantly boosts productivity and cleaning quality. The patent-pending spring-loaded weighted pad eliminates the need for manual adjustment – simply turn the dial and start burnishing.
  • Despite its smaller footprint compared to walk-behind or ride-on models, the Chariot™ seamlessly fits into busy environments without disrupting workflow. The low dBA level enables daytime cleaning, setting an industry standard.
  • The 20″ 2000 RPM pad driver system ensures high gloss performance.
  • User-friendly features include an intuitive function control system with preset cleaning settings for simplified training and consistent cleaning results.
  • An on-board charger is available for the AGM model, compatible with any standard wall outlet. The weighted pad requires no adjustment, facilitating easy training and delivering consistent performance.
  • Safety is prioritized with dust collection in a convenient disposable bag, while a tie-down bar ensures secure and effortless transportation.
  • The operator benefits from best-in-class visibility, enhancing safety during operation.

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Technical data:

Nominal Power: Passive Dust Control 2232W, Active Dust Control 2628W

Rated Voltage: 36 Volts DC

Rated Amperage: Passive Dust Control 62A, Active Dust Control 73A

Batteries: 3 X12 Volt 114 AH, 130 AH, 225AH, or 234AH @ 20 hr. rate

Battery Compartment Dimensions: 21.5 in. x 15.25 in. x 16 in. tall (546mm x 387mm x 406mm tall)

Burnisher Motor: 3.0 HP, 36V, 2000RPM (2237W)

Vacuum Motor: .63 HP (470 W)

Maximum flow rate of vacuum motor: 72 cfm (33.98 liters per second)

Maximum suction of vacuum motor: 47.3 inches of water (11.7 kPa)

Propelling Motor: .38 HP (280W)

Mass (GVW): 838 lbs (380 kg)

Weight empty without batteries: 231 lbs (105 kg)

Burnisher pad diameter: 20 inch (508 mm)

Tires: 8 in. (203mm) drive, 6 in. (156mm) rear, polyurethane

Maximum Speed: 2.3 mph (3.7Km/hour)

Theoretical Coverage: 19,800ft²/hr @ 2.5 mph with 2 in. overlap

Brake: Electrical parking brake, sets automatically whenever operator stops.

Minimum aisle u-turn width: 51in. (1295 mm)

Maximum rated climb and descent angle: 10% (6 degrees)

Vibration, hands: 1.58 m/s²

Vibration, feet: 1.39 m/s²

Uncertainty: 0.5 m/s²

Sound pressure level: Passive Dust Control 59.7 dBA, Active Dust Control 62.2 dBA

Sound power level: Passive Dust Control 76.3 dBA, Active Dust Control 80.1 dBA

Uncertainty: 3.0 dBA


Manufacturer Part Number:

  • 1.008-101.0


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