Karcher SG 4/4 Chemical-Free Steam Cleaner

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clean And Sanitize Without Chemicals. Removes Rust, Scale And Dirt From Most Surfaces. Excellent For Removing Adhesive Tape From Glass, Decals From Student Lockers. A “must” Item For Cleaning And Sanitizing Wheel-chairs In Nursing Homes. The De 4002 Never Runs Out Of Steam With Karcher’s “fill On The Fly” System. No Waiting For Steam After Running Out Of Fresh Water Like Most Competitive Models. Visible Or Audible Alert Warnings For Low Water, Low Steam Chamber, Descaling, And Temperature. Variable Steam And Volume Adjustment Control Knobs. Machine Stores And Transports In An Upright Position With Tools On-board.

1. On/Off Master Switch

2. Steam On/Off Switch

3. Water Droplet Size Control Knob

4. Temperature Gauge- Green Area Means “GO”

5. Steam Volume Control Knob

6. Low Water Supply Indicator Warning Light

7. Boiler “On” Light

8. Boiler Low Water Indicator Light

9. Boiler Tank Fill- With Safety Cap

10. Water Reservoir- Can be filled with unit running

11. Steam Boiler

12. Reset Button

13. On-Board Hand & Detail Tools/Brushes

14. Carrying Handle There is also a built-in audible alarm to signal when the boiler water is reaching a low supply level.

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