Sebo ET-1 Power Head


Sebo is a German electric power heads that are made to withstand heavy use on all types of carpets in commercial and residential applications. They last so long, they’re considered virtually maintenance-free. Combined with our central vacuum wands, the power heads can be attached to almost any central vacuum system.

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Multisurface magic
Whether you’re vacuuming a shiny hard floor or a plush carpet, ET Power Heads have four brush heights to ensure an incredible performance every time. ET Power Heads pride themselves on getting rid of every last pet hair or speck of dust. The brush roller is easy to remove, so you can make sure it doesn’t end up clogged with hair or debris over time.
Commercial-grade performance in two sizes
You can choose between a 12-inch and 15-inch Power Head. Either way, you’re guaranteed a seamless performance that will give your floors a commercial-grade clean every single time.

Incredibly mobile
Built to move with amazing 180-degree steerability, the head is also designed with an L-shaped contour to make cleaning around corners that much easier. As you move from carpets or hard floors to delicate rugs, you can switch the brush roller off to protect your surfaces.
Protect your home with obstruction warning lights
The warning lights are a unique feature that protect your central vacuum and power head from damage. Coupled with an automatic shut-off, these are two key features designed to protect the motor, belts, and carpets from damage. The warning lights will also activate when the brush height is too high. That’s one smart power head!

Compatible with most central vacuum systems
Our special telescopic wands ensure that our ET power heads will easily connect to most central vacuums. If you’re not sure whether your system is compatible, contact us or your local SEBO dealer and we’ll be more than happy to double-check.

SEBO ET-1 powerhead is backed by a 10 year warranty. Convenient features that will make vacuuming every corner of your home a lot easier! Its 4 level height adjustment will allow you to get optimal performance on different types of carpet. You can also use the ET-1 power head on all floors by turning off the brush roller with the on-off button.

Available In New Colors: Red, White, Orange and Black.


12-inch Power Head width
Four-level manual brush height adjustment
A flat-to-the-floor 3 1/2-inch profile
It’s 180-degree steering ability is highly maneuverable around furniture
A convenient clog removal door
Warning light to indicate incorrect height setting or a worn brush roller
Brush obstruction warning light with automatic shut off
Manual brush roller shut off provides straight-suction cleaning of delicate rugs and hard floors
Easy brush roller removal for cleaning or replacement
The L-shaped head easily cleans edges and under counters
A central vacuum wand adapter is available
Excellent for pet hair removal
5 year warranty


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