Sebo ET-2 Power Head


Sebo is a German electric power heads that are made to withstand heavy use on all types of carpets in commercial and residential applications. The following features set these exceptional electric power heads above all others

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The ET-2 is a high-quality Power Head that effectively cleans carpet and rugs. The 4-position height adjustment sets the roller brush at the ideal cleaning height. A handy warning light indicates whether the brush height is set correctly for optimal cleaning and when the roller brush should be replaced due to bristle wear. Rubber wheels make the power brush safe for use on hardwood floors. Electronic belt protection turns the power head motor off when the roller brush is jammed. The brush can be easily removed for cleaning of the bristles and the flat-to-the-floor 3 1/4-inch profile facilitates cleaning under beds and other furniture. The ET-2 is 15 inches wide and available in multiple colors. The wand adjusts to the optimum height for the user and the electric cord is concealed behind a plastic channel that prevents against snags on furniture.

Wide 15′ wide for maximum coverage
Easy brush roller removal with one button press to remove end cap and pull roller brush out for easy cleaning and maintenance
Warning Light to Indicate Correct Brush Height and When to Replace Roller Brush
Rubber Wheels Safe for Hardwood Floors
Four-level manual brush height adjustment
Automatic shut off for brush roller obstructions
180 degree steering ability
L-shaped head makes cleaning edges and under counters easy
A Flat-to-the-floor 3 1/2-inch Profile
Convenient Clog Removal Door
Made in Germany
5 Year Warranty


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