Sebo TT-C Turbo Head – 8365GS


Dark Grey, 11″ Width

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The SEBO TT-C Turbo Head is an excellent addition to the SEBO canister and Felix vacuums. It has a powerful but gentle air-driven rotating brush – meaning the brush roller automatically rotates when air is drawn into it – making it the closest alternative to our ET-1 power heads. Because it has a spring-loaded brush roll, it can be used on carpets with a thicker pile than most other hard floor tools are capable of cleaning. It is best suited for low to medium cut or loop pil carpets, area rugs, and all smooth hard floors. Simple transition from carpet or rugs to hard floors and back without ever changing the attachment.

For delicate flooring that requires a lower suction level, the airflow can be adjusted by sliding the front vent open or closed. The TT-C Turbo Head is lightweight and glides smoothly across the floor on its four rubber wheels. The bristles are arranged in a spiral pattern on the rotating brush roller to remove dirt, pet hair, lint, and threads quickly and effortlessly. Lastly, the internal air-driven turbine can be easily accessed for cleaning through a removeable door on the bottom.


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