Wessel-Werk Turbine Stair Tool- PT160



Turbo-brush for textile wall and floor coverings and upholstery.

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  • High efficiency/Heavy duty turbine – The unit will operate effectively when used with the weakest or the most powerful vacuum.
  • The pivoting suction mouth assures the most effective orientation of the nozzle to clean the surface.
  • Double chevron brush assures even constant brush contact to the surface and guides debris to the intake orifice.
  • Made of excessively durable high-impact ABS plastic.
  • Swivel Neck Assembly provides excellent maneuverability for cleaning hard to reach areas.

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  • Swivel elbow
  • Moveable suction opening
  • Housing can be opened
  • Roller brush is driven by a covered belt
  • Double V-shaved trimming
  • Logo optional
  • 160mm wide
  • Made in Germany
  • Neck size: 1 1/4 inch


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