Easy-Flo EF1500 Central Vacuum


The Easy-Flo Central Vacuum Systems are recommended more than 6 times in the No. 1 North American physician booklet “Allergy Avoidance in the Home” and Easy Flo is Proudly CANADIAN.

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Easy-Flo manufactures high-quality, easy to use central vacuums.
The Easy- Flo 1500 systems are powerful, quiet and reliable.
No more collection bags as this system takes no bags with a self-cleaning filtration.
The system reduces airborne dust and allergen particles, letting you breathe easier.
Easy-Flo Central Vacuums are perfect for townhomes, condominiums and houses.
The Easy- Flo 1500 systems are quiet, compact and simple to clean, and are backed by factory- trained professionals.

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Vacuum Specialists team provides the BEST Central Vacuum installation services, vacuum Repair and Clean Up services.

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Power: 524 Air Watts
Airflow: 125 cfm
H20 Lift: 125″
Amps: 13
Filter: Self Clean
Capacity: 8 Gallons


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