Welcome to Vacuum Specialists, your go-to destination for Airstream vacuums. With four conveniently located stores in Calgary and Airdrie, including Tuxedo Park, Killarney, Avenida area or Luxstone Plaza, we are committed to providing exceptional service to our valued customers.

Maintain the peak performance of your Airstream vacuum with our extensive parts selection, boasting the city’s largest stock. From replacement hoses to filters and bags, our collection ensures long-lasting exceptional performance. We prioritize reliable parts to prolong your vacuum’s lifespan, expressing full confidence in the quality and dependability of our Airstream parts.

Airstream, known for its affordable and innovative cleaning solutions, simplifies cleaning and enhances air quality in your home. With lightweight and easy-to-store designs, Airstream vacuums offer deep cleaning capabilities, effectively clearing away dirt, dust, pollen, and allergens. Our team at Vacuum Specialists, in business since the 1970s, is ready to assist with over 20 years of experience in comprehensive Airstream vacuum repairs in Calgary and Airdrie, focusing on prompt and efficient service to restore your vacuum to optimal performance.

For all your Airstream vacuum needs, trust Vacuum Specialists. Whether purchasing a new Airstream vacuum, searching for replacement parts, or in need of repairs, we are dedicated to providing excellent service and inviting you to experience the joy of cleaning with an Airstream vacuum today.